offers an API powered by AI models to transcribe and comprehend audio and video files. Our API is meticulously designed to be robust, efficient, and easy to integrate, making it an ideal choice for developers looking to incorporate transcription services in their applications.

This introduction provides an overview of some basic concepts to ensure that you have a solid understanding of what our API offers.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is the technology that underpins the conversion of spoken language into written text. At its core, ASR systems take audio input, process the sound waves, and use complex algorithms to recognize the speech and output it as text. This technology has numerous applications such as transcription services, voice assistants, and many more. Gladia's Transcription API utilizes state-of-the-art ASR technology to ensure high accuracy and efficiency in transcribing audio.

Speaker Diarization

Speaker Diarization is a process that segments an audio stream into homogenous regions according to the speaker identity. In simpler terms, it is the process of attributing portions of audio to different speakers. This is particularly useful in scenarios where multiple speakers are involved, such as in meetings, interviews, or podcasts. By knowing who said what, the transcriptions become much more informative and valuable. Gladia's Transcription API supports speaker diarization, enabling you to identify individual speakers within the audio stream.

The Gladia Transcription API

Gladia’s Transcription API is designed to offer developers an efficient and streamlined way to transcribe audio files or real-time audio streams. With high accuracy and support for multiple languages, our API is suitable for a wide range of applications including transcription services, voice assistants, customer service analysis, and more.

Whether you are developing an app that transcribes lectures for students, converting podcasts into text, or analyzing customer calls for insights, Gladia's Transcription API is equipped to serve your needs.

In the subsequent sections of this documentation, we will walk you through the details on how to integrate and use the API, its features, and how you can harness its capabilities to empower your applications.

Once again, welcome aboard!